Thursday, October 06, 2005

Glam slam?

I don't mean to all of a sudden turn into a You Knit What spin-off, but I find the "sneak peak" patterns for Vogue Knitting's new issue to be highly disappointing. First of all, the ones that are even close to cute would only be flattering on a rail skinny model. Don't get me wrong, I love it that "Victoriana" is in this year, especially with the new Tim Burton movie and everything... But, unfortunately, I am what one might refer to as a bit...well...svelte challenged, and the whole look is completely hopeless on my figure. It tends to lean a little more towards "hi I'm an old granny" instead of the preferred "I'm so skinny and macabre that I look like I really DID die in 1902." However, if you are teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy, you really ought to make this and this just to show us all how incredibly cool you are. This is really the only one that I think is too cute for words, and it is definitely "my style," but again, it would only look good on a slight frame.

As for the rest of the patterns? Simply awful. Ugly intarsia + bad shaping + ugly lace pattern does not (notnotNOT) equal a pretty sight. And while I'm totally impressed by the model's rockin' hunting horn, what the frig is this? Wait folks, this one is not for weak stomachs: oh my god, it's a novelty yarn horror! Noooooooo! I loved last season's issue with all of the wonderful gypsy/romantic styles and fiber exploration (they had a pattern for the only successful Koigu garment I've ever seen), and this is just........BLAH.


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