Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bulky Irish Hiking Scarf

While my dad was in the hospital for triple bypass surgery, I sat in the waiting room and finished this scarf, along with the back and half of a side of a simple raglan cardi (phew!). My twin and I sat there all day and then spent the night, so that was a whole lot of knitting time! (Dad did great, by the way. He's home now, and recovering with amazing speed. Katie, my twin, is working on an afghan for him which should be done fairly soon, since he feels chilly a lot of the time.)

I loved the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern so much that I decided to make it in some bulky-weight yarn I had lying around for a super-duper huge scarf for those Chicago winters... For those of you that are non-Chicagoans, our winters can last anywhere from 5-7 months, and are blisteringly cold and windy. The only modification that I made to the pattern is that I only have two cables instead of three, otherwise it would be waaaaay too wide. True, it is meant to be a schlumpy scarf... but not that schlumpy.

Photo credit goes to the Pops.


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